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Build to go global

by Bamidele Ayemibo


by Bamidele Ayemibo


by Bamidele Ayemibo


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  • Built To Go Global BUILT TO GO GLOBAL by Soji Jolugba

    Very enlightening, educative and practical. I play in the Trade Services Sector and I still find the book very very useful for my business. A book to keep for constant reference for practicing purpose. Thank you Dr.

  • Built To Go Global BUILT TO GO GLOBAL by Titi Ojo

    I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter, very clear, concise and instructive! The quiz and case studies added so much value to the reader. And the colorful appeal is commemdable. I will recommend this book anyday, easy to read. Make it your go to if you have plans to expand into international markets either now or in the future. Titi

  • Built To Go Global BUILT TO GO GLOBAL by eMoji

    It's rare to find books that are some much loaded with value these days. Built To Go Global has proven to be one of the rarely seen books with great contents. It is a handy manual for all business owners striving to position their businesses on the global market. This manual is a light that'll guide their paths in the business so as to ensure they do not fall into the pit of ignorance.

  • Built To Go Global BUILT TO GO GLOBAL by Chidi A

    Hmm interesting read, the book was able to present a practical and usable template on how one can successfully avoid the loopholes that prevent businesses from going global.

  • Built To Go Global BUILT TO GO GLOBAL by Ngozi O.

    Having gone through this book, Built to Go Global, the simplicity, practicality - being able to relate it with real-life situations making it to be easily comprehensible such that it can be put into action, is so thrilling for me. I strongly recommended this book for any business person who desires to go global. It is an asset worthy of possession.

  • Built To Go Global BUILT TO GO GLOBAL by Bukkypat

    The book is very interesting and easy to read...No boring page/chapter... Thumbs 👍 up to the Author

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