Demand Guarantee Made Easy is a trade finance instrument manual that answers 10 important questions about demand guarantee. This book is designed for bankers, importers, exporters, lawyers and trade business financiers. Each chapter of the book is answering 10 important questions for anyone using the instrument is going to answer. It is important to stress that demand guarantee is a trade instrument is on the increase after the global financial crises where a lot of people lost money using open accounts. They now use this instrument to protect the funds they are expecting from their trade transaction while still using a simple method like open account.

This book is designed to help individuals who are financing, importers or exporters to be able to have a good understanding of how this trade finance instrument works. The questions answered in this book in each of the chapter are what is demand guarantee different from other trade finance instrument. What are the types of Demand Guarantee and what are the uses of each of the types. It also looks at the principles of demand guarantee operations. Also, what are the rules that guide demand guarantee operation and the life cycle of the Demand Guarantee? This book enumerates the functions of demand guarantee, the dynamics of this instrument and the challenges each individual faces in the utilization of demand guarantee.

This is a must have book for everyone who want to leverage on trade finance instrument in their trade transaction and still want to use open account in their transaction


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