It is a compendium of Twenty (20) important questions that intending and existing exporters need to answer to become a successful exporter. It is designed for starters in exporter business, growing exporters and established exporters. The Export Business Made Easy (EBME) is a desk manual for anyone going into export business. It covers what exportation is all about, how and why you need to start export business. It also reveals the opportunities available in export business. It opens your eyes to the status of non-oil export business particularly in Nigeria. It teaches you how to determine your export price. This book also explains the critical items in the export value chain. It explains how you should plan your export process. It explains how you can get buyers abroad. It also shows how to get funding for your export project. It explains INCOTERMS in foreign trade such as you know where your risk ends as an exporter and where the risk of the importer begins. It explains what payment method is in export business. It explains what exportable products are, and how to source for them and what you need to know about exportable commodities in Nigeria. It explain what you need to know about port logistics, documentation and how exporters manage export risk and challenges and how you can penetrate a new export market. It explains the concept of service export. How to export both processed and packed items.

The book is written in questions and answers fashion. The 20 chapters are questions and the answers to those questions. It becomes easier to answer very pressing important questions for anyone going into exporter business. This is for any intending and existing exporters.


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